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High-Risk Insurance: Drivers Beware!

One of the most dreaded insurance events is having to pay for high-risk insurance. The goal of our insurance broker team is always to get clients back into the standard […]

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Cornwall, ON insurance coverage wind storm

The Next Wind Storm: Do You Have the Right Insurance Coverage?

Ontario has seen its share of large-scale wind storms recently and some regions have even experienced the occasional tornado! Each wind storm can result in massive insurance claims across the province. Blowing debris, […]

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Boat insurance in Cornwall Ontario for boating on the St Lawrence River

Boat Insurance: Getting the Right Policy

The sun is out. The skies are clear. Summertime is here. Many boaters are heading out on the St. Lawrence River for some summer fun. From sailboats to speed boats, […]

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Realtor Liability Insurance in Ontario

All Real Estate Agents Need Realtor Liability Insurance

In case you don’t know, Leo Martin Insurance recently teamed up with Gore Mutual Insurance to offer customized realtor liability insurance options for real estate agents across Canada. Since we […]

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3 Reasons Why Every Renter Needs Tenant’s Insurance

Every time our staff hears of another local flood or fire in an apartment building, our first thought is for their safety and well being. The second thought is whether […]

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Construction Bonding: What You Need to Know

If you work as a contractor, it’s essential that you know how construction bonding work. The more you know, the better you’ll be positioned to land big jobs that require […]

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The Claims Process: Property Loss

Did you have a fire? Did your basement flood? Did someone break into your home and damage your property? Did your roof leak? If you’re lucky, you haven’t had to […]

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The Claims Process: Auto Collision

Whether you’re involved in a minor fender bender or a serious collision, car accidents are stressful. That’s why we wanted to lay out the entire claims process so you know […]

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Do you have the accident benefits coverage that you need?

Accident Benefits Have Changed: Get the Coverage You Need

Most people don’t thrill to go over the fine print details of their vehicle insurance. (We agree that it doesn’t make for scintillating reading.) That means that some policyholders overlooked […]

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Realtor Liability Insurance: Must-Have Coverage for All Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents in Ontario don’t have adequate insurance coverage. Although realtors are required to have Errors and Omissions insurance coverage, many don’t bother with liability insurance. This leaves […]

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